Turmeric: A Golden Addition to Your Pet's Meal

Turmeric: A Golden Addition to Your Pet's Meal

While the regular use of turmeric for dogs or cats may seem slightly strange, adding just a little bit of this wonder-filled herb to your companion’s diet can have massive benefits! Not only does it improve their health, but it can also increase their lifespan. The anti-inflammatory properties of the herb means it can relieve pain, particularly for older dogs or dogs with hip problems or arthritis, and it supports the overall digestion of high-in-fat foods.  Here are the many other benefits of Turmeric.

The Benefits: 

  • Contains antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and wound-healing properties 
  • Stimulates bile production in the liver which eases digestion by breaking down dietary fats 
  • Helps fight cancer and memory-related diseases such as dementia 
  • Helps with thinning blood and prevents blood clots that can lead to heart problems
  • Replaces arthritis drugs, steroids, chemotherapy, and anti-inflammatory/inflammatory bowel disease drugs. This alone is worth giving your pet turmeric regularly!

How to Use Turmeric and Other Tips: 

To benefit from all the goodness turmeric has to offer, add a quarter of a teaspoon to your companion’s meal for every 5kg of the total body weight. It is important to start off with very small quantities when you first introduce turmeric to your companion’s diet, and gradually increase towards the suggested intake, since some dogs and cats can be sensitive to this herb.

Given that turmeric is a binding agent, feeding your companion too much may cause constipation.

Always pay attention to signs of an upset stomach since some dogs and cats may be sensitive to the herb which is why it is essential to start with a small amount.

To keep your companion in optimum health, it is recommended to feed your companion a bit of coconut oil and turmeric on a daily basis. 

Discontinue the use of turmeric if your companion: 

  • displays signs of unusual thirst
  • is heating unusually like panting excessively or seeking cool areas 
  • is prone to kidney stones since turmeric increases the level of urinary oxalates
  • is scheduled for surgery, stop administering turmeric up to two weeks prior since turmeric slows down blood clotting
  • is pregnant as it may stimulate the uterus
  • is taking any anti-inflammatories, drugs for blood clotting, drugs that lower blood pressure, or drugs that reduce stomach acids. Although if you throw them all away and believe in the power of turmeric, it’s much better for your little friends

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